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3 Things All Successful Music Producers Must Have to Sell Beats

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You know what you want – to get paid as a music producer selling beats – but you do not know how you'll reach that goal. You need three things. Three things that will guarantee you success at some level no matter what happens along the way. With these three things, you immediately separate yourself from the dreamers and talkers. You can read all the articles, blogs, or books you want about how to sell beats – and those are great – but you still need these three things. Without them, all the steps in the world will not get you anywhere.

1. Initiative. In this situation, initiative is simply the action. I consider initiative to be a critical ingredient in obtaining any goal. You can the exact steps to reach your goal of selling beats laid out for you but if you do not take the action, you lose. Plain and simple. One thing to mention here is that initiative is not ambition or anything like it. Ambition is like a form of desire – without the action. Everybody's got some measure of ambition, a lot less have the initiative to take action on that desire.

2. A plan. Initiative or action can be wasted if it's not applied to some sort of plan. Your plan adds focus to that action. You have a starting point, an end goal in mind, the initiative to get moving, and with a plan you have direction. Now here is where many get tripped up by planning and not acting on that plan. Plans are never perfect. You get to work on your plan and learn along the way. You Take what you learn and modify your plan but you do not abandon your plan. Without it you risk spinning your wheels and not getting any closer to that end goal you've set for yourself.

3. Persistence. Over time, while taking focused action against your plan, you will hit snags and roadblocks. You may even at times have to change your entitlement goal. What you can not do is quit. With an open mind, a strong enough desire, and the initiative to go for it, you can not lose. The only way you can lose is if you give up. It's impossible to fail if you take focused action and adjust along the way for whatever life throws at you. Simply keep moving forward and do not give up.

With these three things you can sell beats or work toward any other goal you may have. Get started, get focused, and keep stepping.

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