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A Day In The Burbz

A Day In The Burbz

A Short Review:

Rich-Rick has taken an alternate rap approach in his new album “A Day In The Burbz.” In a music world with a lot of static noise, this alternate hip-hop sub-genre stands out from the rest. His new album which just dropped is 17 tracks of high quality beats. It’s obvious Rich-Rick is dedicated to his music and takes his time with this album’s recording and preparation. Check it out here:

Great Album. Best Song?

Like most artist, the main focus is on the hook, which explains our pick for the best song. Our vote for the best song on this track is the intro “Dreams.” The whole album is full of solid content but the all around best goes to the “Dreams” track. Check it out below:


In Review

Rich-Rick is definitely a contender in the alternate hip-hop sub-genre in the next few months to years. Expect to hear more from this artist on Global Streamz. Be sure to follow Rich-Ricks Music On His Soundcloud for updates.

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