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Battle Rap Freestyle Tips – How to Freestyle Battle Secrets

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If you want to learn how to battle rap freestyle, then read this. You will learn how to freestyle battle better.

The rounds are done, and the battle is complete. You have given it your best shot. You have done everything that you possibly can to win the battle. Is there anything left for you to do? The answer to that is yes. In our conversation today, we are going to talk about how to be the champion before it is announced.

Tip #1 – Act Like The Winner

Even though you may not know who has won the battle, you want to finish with your hands raised and cheering just as if you had been announced the winner. You have to act like the champion that you are. You want to make sure that you walk with your head held high. You want to act and look the part. After all, you are getting ready to be announced as the winner.

Tip #2 – Walk Like The Winner

When the battle is over, you have to walk as if you have just won the biggest battle in your life. Now you won’t know if you have won yet, but that is OK because you are going to carry yourself as if you were the winner. You have to show confidence, with your head held high. You have to stand up straight, with your shoulders held back.

This works well if the battle is close. You want to appear as if you are the champion. You don’t want to show that you are discouraged or depressed or insecure about your rap battle results. You will increase your chances of being chosen as the winner of your battle if you present a strong and confident personality. You may receive more votes as well as receiving the greatest cheers from the audience. Going forward in all of your freestyle rap battles, make sure that you always act as if you have won the greatest battle on earth.

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