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Be the Next Dr Dre


Let's face it. Hip-Hop, and rap in particular, is HUGE right now. Some of the
big beats beats and tightest sounds are coming from the South, and consumption
is at an all time high. So how in the world do you break in? Well you can try
becoming a rapper, but the industry is full of broken rappers
making no money and struggling to pay for beats and studio time.

Perhaps the most solid way to break into the biz is the tried-and-true model
of super-producers like Timbaland, Kanye West, and Dr. Dre. These guys
all started out making music and finding rappers hungry for fresh sounds.
Now, you can hear these guys on their own albums because they took the
time to build up a brand name and establish their own niche in the business. Nebula is another producer but his idea is very revolutionary.

He has decided to exploit the power of the internet by getting his fresh
music out to rappers across the world. Best of all, this music is totally
royalty-free, meaning you do not have to pay for repeated usage of the music.
You could hypothetically use affordable cool edit pro software with
Nebula's beats to craft your own album, skipping the costs of a studio.

Think about this for a minute. The big problem with hip hop today is that
many songs are formulaic. This is bad because innovation falls by the way
side. But its also great for newcomers because the demand is always high
and once you grasp the formula, you can create new songs based on what
is tried and true. That is when you achieve true artistic freedom. To quote
Dr. Dre himself: "Now I'ma be able to do whatever I want to do," he claims.
"If it works, it's on me. If it fails, it's on me. But I'm an innovator. I like trying things."

In conclusion, joining up and coming producers such as Nebula who have
interesting strategies such as providing royalty-free beats allows you as the
burgeoning mogul to leakage on the quality work of others to build your own
name brand and skills. It also provides a great opportunity to work on your
own product without sinking under the costs of studio time and paying royalties.
Do not be afraid of taking your game to the next step. See you in the streets!

Source by Matt Rosario

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