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Chicago House Music History Part 1


Hometown to Chicago Blues, Chicago Soul and many jazz and gospel singers, Chicago advanced its own Chicago House music and proved influential in the growth of hip hop punk and rave culture. Chicago DJs were very particular and would often only play a key minute or two of a track if that’s all they thought was decent, then flawlessly mix into something else, rarely letting a mix get monotonous or uninspiring.

Craig Alexander has been a staple in Chicago House Music for 20 years. It was built from samples, looped and electronically altered, Chicago house music focused on the most danceable elements of disco (extended to drum breaks and special effects) to the exclusion of traditional musical structures (such as the verse/chorus divisions of 32-bar song form). The music scene was built around local DJs and House music Monday night at Red Dog nightclub was a rising star in Chicago’s ever growing nightlife and the emerging popular Wicker Park neighborhood. ) is equally an autobiography of Chicago house music pioneer Jesse Saunders and a history of the development of house music the electronic dance music form that was first developed by club DJs in New York.

During the past years, Garage has often been confused with the advancing version of Chicago House music and also Deep House. For the rest of the world, the story of house music is the story of the foundation of dance music a seminal sound developed in a specific place and time, not unlike Mississippi Delta blues to its genre.

Source by Richard Heap

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