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Classical Genius – The Life of Mozart


In the musical societies of today, Wolfgang Mozart is looked up with a due due to the quality of his work. However, they do not always look at his life and what it took to achieve his status. His life was not a perfect fairytale. He had to work hard in order to survive as life went on.

Wolfgang Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756. At a very young age his musical potential became evident. To be exact, it all happened approximately three days before his fifth birthday. Documents have been discovered that contain his father's handwriting writing that Wolfgang mastered a scherzo in thirty minutes. This was a phenomenal rate for any musician, but particularly impressive for a young child.

The piano and violin were two instruments he excelled in, but he soon turned his attention to another pursuit; composing. Once his father saw the talent of his son, he decided to take him on tours with his sister, Maria Anna, who was another incredibly gifted musician. These tours began in 1763 when they took a short trip to a Munich court. After this trip, they took several longer tours that greeted them before countless members of royalty.

His life was not always as lavish as this. There were times when he ended financially difficult times. One such time was between 1774 and 1778 when his family could not find a patron. He was growing up and as he gained years, he lost popularity. It seemed his situation improved in 1778 when he was hired as an organist for a court and later by a cathedral. It was not what he was looking for though. He wanted to continue composing, and he did. While he was unemployed and even during his time as an organist, he continued to create music.

In 1781, he was commissioned for an opera called Idomeneo. The operas he produced were accepted well at first. He had some success with his Italian and German operas, but the success was not significant enough. He continued to encounter financial hardship. By 1787 he was once again employed by a court, but as a composer this time. He wrote music for royal dances. This position provided him with a steady income, but his spending habits left him with less than he needed.

During his life, Wolfgang Mozart created over six hundred pieces of music. His work crossed several types of compositions. These included:

o Arias
o Symphonies
o Keyboard Concertos
o Sonatas for the Piano
o Church Music
o Pieces for Chambers and Quartets
o And a few works for the Organ

At the end of his life, he bought his friends to his bedside and sang parts of a church piece he was working on. He left it unfinished when he died in the early morning of December fifth of 1791. He left the world they way he had entered it; playing music. Wolfgang Mozart was a true lover of music to the very end.

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