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With the popularity of mobile phones, all age groups can be found carrying them, including he young, the old and the teenagers. Young people and teenagers have a distinct style and taste. Their fashion is distinct; their food habits are feasible and their taste in music ranges from pop to rap. So mobile phone makers and mobile service providers have started to design mobile phones targeted at this young teen market. One of the best ways to attract this segment of mobile phone users is ringtones of music they like, which in some cases, is rap.

Ringtone is the sound of the mobile phone makes when you receive a call. Early on, most mobile phones had similar sounding ringtones. In a crowd it was difficult to distinguish which phone was ringing. But with the advent of better mobile phone technology, ringtones have drastically improved. Most phones have a monophonic sound while the more advanced phones have a polyphonic and real sound tones. Many ringtones are available entirely free of cost on many Web sites for all these three categories.

But when one thinks of teenagers, how can one ignore rap music? Rap songs and tones based on famous rap songs are freely available on many Web sites that provide free ringtones. Most ringtone providers send the ringtone directly to your phone through an SMS text message and the ringtone then needs to be stored in your phone to be used as your personalized incoming call alert system.

Thanks to these free ringtones, you could have Dr. Dre rapping one of his famous songs, Eminem rapping his best songs or Black Eyed Peas belting their songs as your ringtone. You could also copy your favorite rap song from your collection and save it to your phone's memory to use it as a ringtone.

So go on and make a style statement; make your phone sing your favorite rap songs.

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