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Hip Hop Artist – Discover How To Create Hip Hop Beats


To become a hip hop artist you must learn how to make rap beats. Without this skill you’ll have a hard time convincing your manager, record label as well as possible fans that you are a rap artist. Hip hop began in the Bronx in NYC in the 70’s. With the aid of the African American and Latino communities, rap has developed from being street music to boom-box time to a multimillion dollar music industry. Rap is taking over the pop charts with new hip hop talents. This piece of writing will provide valuable information on rap and also teach you how to produce your own hip hop beats.

Before you discover how to make rap beats, you must grasp the meaning of rap music. Therefore, what exactly is hip hop? Hip hop music is a genre that’s combined with rapping vocals and rhythmic beats. This is today the top genre of music which has developed to rap culture, including DJing, MCing, fashion and other activities. This has become a lot more popular as mixing and sampling techniques have matured in recent years.The popular areas of hip hop are NYC and California as well as the division of East Coast and West Coast rap rivalry.

A rap beat is essentially all of the elements of a song minus the vocals. Creating beats is extremely easy. You only need to understand the basic components in producing a beat. A beat has three elements – the melody, the drums and the bass. It is important to understand the basic song progression, that is, verse, chorus and sequencer. A sequencer is a program or a piece of hardware called MPC that helps you input audio samples, beat and melodies together. You’ll learn to produce your track from scratch into a full-fledged professional beat.

Start by experimenting on your drum kit and demo the different sounds for several kind of ideas. Be sure that the song is between three to four minutes, an average length of a song. Be sure every drum sound is on a different track for maximum flexibility. It’s about time to make drum bars. Create 1 or 2 bar sequences then cut and paste them as you desire. Choose a song that you like in your CD player, iPod or MP3 and try to emulate the song. Place your music markers at the beginning and end of the bars you have created, and then set the sequence to loop. Then, make multiple 1 or 2 bar bass sequences. Cut and paste all of them as you want.

You’re very close to producing your very own rap beat just as your much-loved hip hop artist. Now, pull up a sound on your synth and play it below your bass and drums to find out if it fits perfectly. Modify the sound as the sequence loops till you get the preferred sound. After that record and also edit your samples live by using a digital or some other handy recorder.

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