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How to Get a Manager – Five Tips For Rappers


There is no right or wrong way to go about finding a manager. Sometimes, a manager will approach the performer. Sometime a mutual acquaintance will act as a musical matchmaker and introduce a performer to a manager. But most times it's up to the artist to seek out a manager, who main function is to facilitate their client's career. For rappers, it's important to find a manager who is hooked into the hip hop music scenes, from clubs to radio stations. Here are five tips for rappers on how to find a manager that will help turning your rhymes and versa into a professional career.

Make a demo. If you have the funds, team up with local musicians to record three of your best raps. You can also make a demo on personal computers. Whichever way you decide, just make sure the CD sounds professional.

Go viral. Post new videos of yourself performing every week. Not only will you expand your fan base, you can use YouTube or your own web site to generate buzz. Justin Bieber was a unknown kid from a small town in Canada who started posting video of himself singing in early 2008. A few months later, a manager contacted him. Bieber signed with the manager, who then helped Bieber get signed to Def Jam Records. So if your music is unique and engaging, the right people will watch.

Set a meeting. Look up managers either online or in the yellow pages. Then prepare a package that includes a demo, a professional looking photograph and a cover letter requesting an in-person meeting. If you have a website, mention it in the cover letter.

Be professional. There are a lot of weekend performers who rap as a hobby. You need to show that you are serious about establishing a career to present yourself as a professional. You can have a unique, singular style and fashion sense and still be well groomed. A manager is all about business so present yourself accordingly.

Ask your peers. Use your social networks to ask for introductions or suggestions spread the word that you're looking for a manager. (Before putting any of your lyrics online, or sending them to anyone, make sure they are copyrighted.)

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