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How to Use the Measure Or Bar As You Write Your Rap Music Lyrics


Do you know what the bar is in song lyrics are? Do you understand how to use it in your song? By the time that we are done today, you will have a good understanding of this subject.

To begin our discussion, it is important for you to know what a bar is. Taking a look at any song that you might listen to, you will notice that the versa are split into parts. A bar or measure is one of these parts and usually has one line in it. Most of the time if you have two of these bars or lines, they both rhyme at the very end. In freestyle songs, you may see the bars, but they may not rhyme at the end.

You may have heard someone talk about a song being 8 or 16 bars. This always refers to the length of the song. What is rather interesting is that over time, the songwriters have not been the determining factor of the length of a song. It has been more of the radio / music industry that has determined how long a song was going to be. You see the more times that a song is played, the more successful the song will tend to become because of the airtime that the song gets.

The radio / music industry has a great influence on the length of songs due to the amount of airplay time that a radio station may give to a song. The shorter the song, the more airplay time is available for them to play various songs for their listeners. The more listeners that a station is able to reach, the more advertising spots are available to their advertisers, which means more revenue for the station.

So as you write your rap music lyrics, you do not want to make the verses of your song too long because you will lose the interest of your audience. If you make it too short, then you are not able to have the content or the substance that you need in the song. These are the reasons for an 8 or 16 bar song.

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