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A new rap artist should have the right attitude in order to stay in the business. Before, people used to look down on rap music and the hip hop culture. They categorize the music as brutal and the many causes of aggressive actions among America’s youth. Neither do they consider rap music as an art form for which it is; instead it was regarded as a fad which will eventually go away. Rap music has existed for more than 20 years. Just as other genres of music have progressed and been influenced as time passes, rap music also has come a long way and must be acknowledged for the art it has become.

Rap and hip-hop music actually began 1000’s of years ago in Africa with the “griots”, who were village story tellers that played a fairly easy handmade instrument while they share stories of loved ones and village occasions. The griot was, and still is, an important type of communication in parts of Africa. This “talking” while music is playing is actually rap music in its most rudimentary form. Besides the griot custom, rap is rooted in the pain of Black-American experience which began with slavery. While slaves were working in the farms, they would usually sing. Part of the songs they sang was “call and answer” selections. One particular leader would call out part of the song and the rest of the slaves would answer with the next line.

Rap has stood the test of time and its recognition rages on with today’s rap artists churning out hit after thought-provoking hit. The beat truly does go on. As the music progressed, so did the art of rapping. Freestyle rapping is one popular form wherein ap artsits spit out lyrics spontaneously. This is also popular with rapping duels wherein 2 rappers go head-to-head and attempt to top each other in creating the best rhyme.

As the 1980s developed, rap songs became both more popular and even more complicated. In the 1990s, rap music changed significantly with the introduction of gangsta rap. Although the lyrics of rap songs had until now involved some boasting, gangsta rap took this lyrical idea to a new level. Gangsta rap created much debate among those who said it perpetuated bad generalizations of black urban men and women.

A new rap artist must have consistency. Consistency is easily mistaken for high frequency. Consistency is actually the notion of setting up a frequency pattern, whether it is a mix tape once a week or once a year, and adhering to it. What truly hurts rappers is an extended hiatus. Building momentum is really a difficult task, and if that feat is accomplished, relaxing on it is regarded as the most counter-productive move that an artist can make. While the rhythm and beat of rap music is important to its basic structure, the strength of rap music is in its lyrics. Rap songs often can use the same pre-recorded background music however the difference in the lyrics of the song makes them stand out from one another. It’s the lyrics of the songs that make rap music truly unique.

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