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Kanye West Golddigger Info


Kanye West Goldigger is by far the biggest hit on his new album Late Registration. A duet with Jamie Foxx, Goldigger mixes Kanye West’s patented beats with a delectable sound off with Jamie Foxx.

Kanye West Goldigger has found its share of criticism among the rap and hip-hop community. Fans seemed to have higher hopes of the Late Registration album. Still, his loyalist fans are keeping his music CD sales afloat.

One Kanye West Goldigger fan, Diarci Jones of Los Angeles, California said, “Kanye has brought a sense of hope to the black and hip-hop community. I bought this album just to support his cause.”

Whether Kanye West Goldigger is a hit or not, it seems fans will find any reason to buy it. Check out Goldigger and other hits from the Late Registration album with MP3s over the internet, or the music album CD on store shelves.

But the question raised in everyone’s mind is: can Kanye stay at the top, despite his recent critisms of the Bush administration?

One White House staffer, Karl Jones said, “Kanye’s partisan rhetoric may play chill on the streets, but his reckless comments at a fundraiser no less, were completely out of line.”

Whether you like him or not, Kanye is one hot dude.

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