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Lil Wayne Songs, Greatest of All-Time

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Lil Wayne songs have been for years the subject of debate for many hip hop music lovers. Ask just about any 13-30 year old nowdays to quote Lil Wayne songs and they can do it faster than processing the question itself.

That's because his songs have a style all their own. We love how Weezy spits bars over and over about his wild nights, episodes with pretty women and his adventures. It's Wayne's world baby! And now many are speculating if Mr. Carter is worthy or even quite ready for consideration of being dubbed one of the game's greatest.

Sure the boy's got bars, or so most believe he does but it takes that little extra special something along with charisma to make the list. Lyrical aggression and pure skill are tools that must flourish when rocking the mic.

Nobody in hip hop today knows crowd control like KRS-One and Doug E. Fresh and they both publicly agree that Lil Wayne songs are a staple of modern hip hop culture today.

Ironic is not it, how hip hop pioneers like KRS and Doug are often unmentioned in a debate for who is describing of the top seed in the culture? Still Lil Wayne songs are catchy and colorful accentuated with phrases that will put the listener's mind on stuck.

Fortunately for Lil Wayne songs from his large catalog remain playable by today's dumb downed low standards of cruddy watered down interpretations of repetitive pre-school themed petty lyricism considered modern hip hop.

It seemed that Wayne could not reach any higher. He's got it all in the bag. But how?

I mean, what is … or who is really responsible for Lil Wayne's songs to have gotten the attention of masses? Maybe there was help involved. Who knows. I'm just saying. I mean even if there was hired help involved in writing the Lil Wayne songs that we love do you actually think that Weezy or anyone Cash Money affiliate would publicly reveal such news?

Seriously doubt it. * And on a side-note, most rappers male / female are homosexuals but do you see them publicly admitting it? Of course not-it would adversely affect business but it's a soon to be public trend. *

For instance, listen to his old songs. You know, the stuff from back when Lil Wayne songs actually had lyricism and need I say … made a little sense.

Listen to these Lil Wayne songs and I promise you that you will hear a lot more mature Weezy spitting bar for bar like he can do it with the best of them. I recommend anything from his catalog released prior to 2006.

It used to be all about baggy jeans, khaki-suits and Major Figga 'chains … oops, remember them? Until all of a sudden I think sometime around '06 or so I'm not
sure, it became cool everywhere to claim Blood and wear skin-tight jeans and women's clothing in hip hop.

It was sometime during this transfer of predominant lost-male energy that saw the shift in Lil Wayne songs. His rap style had changed on course with mainstream rap / hip hop fashion. I'm not implying that he is in any way a fraudulent representation of the hip hop mainstream; that's your job.

Least these are specifically addressable points when considering handing over the throne of hip hop. Of course it really does not matter to most fans of mainstream
hip hop if wherever Lil Wayne songs were written by Lil Wayne himself since most of them have no idea of ​​evaluating lyricism nor greatness alike.

99% of people following hip hop will simply follow the corporate agenda of major label record executives. If they say "this is it" guess what … this really is it!

Should Lil Wayne be considered among hip hop music's all-time greats? He has already cemented his cultural legacy upon our era and has a grind that most rappers can not even think of.

Source by Chuck Checkman, Sr.

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