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Local Louisiana Rapper Fool Fareal Is Taking Back The Game

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Detrick Fuller AKA Fool Fareal’s story is one that proves that through hardship and despair there is always hope and a brighter side of life for anyone with talent and a dream. Fool Fareal’s story began when his mother gave birth to him in the backseat of a car in the small Northwest Louisiana town of Cullen. When he tells this story he proclaims “I was born in car so naturally I was born a “rider” it’s just in my blood”. He started out early on the straight and narrow path getting involved with sports, but things turned for the worse when he was introduced to the streets by family members. While his mother worked he would be looked after by his aunt and from there his older cousin taught him the game. Around 1994 Fool found himself deeply involved with drugs and gangs. His best friend Jamar Hood was sentenced to juvenile life at the age of 13 years old for his involvement in a robbery homicide and later in 2003 Fool was sentenced to 10 years for robbery and cocaine distribution as well. Fool started rapping in the 90’s but it was not until his incarceration he decided to perfect his craft and really get serious about music. In prison he decided to build a strong relationship with God and turn to a more positive outlet through making music from his experiences and his heart. Upon his release he formed his label K.A.SH. City INC AKA Cullen and Springhill City INC. and together they are giving the game a much needed dose of reality.

Fool Fareal:Rebirth of A Dying Breed

Armed with a new outlook on life, positive attitude, optimistic vision and a strong solid team behind him K.A.SH. City INC., Fool Fareal plans on taking his movement from a small town in Louisiana to the World. With his harsh, brash and straight to the point style of wordplay, Fool Fareal has a unique way of taking you through vivid portrayals of street life and the reality of the pain he experienced from his past with grace and skilled highly orchestrated precision. His new single featuring Shreveport Rap Artist Ant Bankz titled “Losing My Kool” is currently taking the streets by storm. Fool also released a critically acclaimed Mixtape “Rebirth Of a Dying Breed” December 7, 2013. When asked what he brings to the table in the rap game he humbly states “I bring a big appetite, a flawless street resume and I promise to give you an epic story you won’t forget”. FSM 2014

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