LPH Radio​―Ep. XXVII​―Cut Copy’s Tim Hoey


We’ve a treat for you think week! Cut Copy’s Tim Hoey’s been in town for a bit and we thought it’d be nice to reconnect with him at the Red Bull studios for an episode of LPH Radio.

His set’s moody and contemplative, but in a luscious, warming sort of way. Perfect for days like these, when all you want to do is stay in and avoid the cold.

HTRK―“Blue Sunshine”
13th Floor Elevators―“The Kingdom”
Michael Rother―“KM 10”
Sensations Fix―“Dark Side of Religion”
Steve Kilby―“Out of this World”
Ariel Kalma―“Chase Me Now”
Night Moves―“Trans Dance (GC1 Version)”
Psychic TV―“Papal Breakdance”
Steve Elliot―“One More Time”
Eddie Kendricks―“My People… Hold On”
Dean Blunt―“PUNK”
Spacemen 3―“I Love You”
Eno • Hyde―“Return”
Solid Space―“Afghan Dance”
Scarface―“Mind Playin’ Tricks 94”
Souls of Mischief―“93 ’til Infinite”
Fred Neil―“The Dolphins”

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