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Since its inception in 1993, Marc Ecko Enterprise has grown from a small company selling t shirts to a full fledged fashion and lifestyle company. Under the leadership of fashion designer Marc Ecko, this enterprise has grown to include accessories such as belts, bags, jeans, jackets, hats, underwear, sunglasses and footwear. Hallmarked by the Rhino logo, this brand represents the face of the global youth, and the influence of this youth culture is remarkably represented in each of their brands.

Apparel is where Marc began his career and built his own enterprise. Classic Ecko tees, hoodies, button down shirts and denims all find a place in his fashion designs. With demarcations for clear identity for his line, Ecko clothing has been spun-off into other brands such as Ecko Unltd, Marc Ecko Cut and Sew, Ecko Red, and G-Unit. These brands individually represent a unique blend of the youth culture and fashion sense reflected in the look and attitude of the clothing.

Ecko Unltd speaks of a generation with no limits. With the contemporary fusing of street style with designer wear, this brand has elements of music, video games, television, to catwalks and extreme sports represented in the clothes' attitude and energy. Vibrant colors, graphic designs and unique art is characteristic of this brand.

The Cut and Sew collection was added to the Ecko enterprise in 2004. This collection takes fashion up a notch. Challenging the classic clothing designs and targeting the fashion conscious young man of today, the contemporary Ecko Cut and Sew collection merged classic tailoring with new trends adding graphics and subtle embellishments to its style. This range consists of premium denims, woven shirts, tees, structured jackets, vests, blazers and separates both casual and dress.

Fresh, young and colorful are some of the ways to define Ecko Red. This is the "now" of fashion. Endorsed by some very popular idols such as Vanessa Hudgens, JoJo and Ashley Tisdale, this brand blends high fashion with street style. It is the comfort and style of these clothes that makes them a leader in women's apparel. Trendy jeans, casual tees, stylish bags and accessories are found in this sister complement of Ecko Unltd.

Mark Ecko identified the potential of the kids market in global fashion and tapped into this segment with ease. The Ecko kids' collection is both sweet and whimsical at the same time. Playful, stylish and wearable, this clothing line is perfect for school or play.

World famous hip hop artist 50 cent and Ecko have formed an independent vent called the G-Unit. This collaboration is operated by Marc Ecko Enterprise and is comprised of athletic sports wear, denims, tees, hats and other accessories designed for men and women.

Under the leadership and guidance of Marc Ecko, the Marc Ecko enterprise has grown and branched out into the field of interactive entertainment with the formation of Marc Ecko Entertainment. The outstanding achievements of Marc Ecko are not limited in the world of fashion and entertainment. This philanthropic entrepreneur has contributed substantively to social initiatives such as children's welfare and saving the rhinos.

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