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Mix and Make Beats – Where to Start When Making Your Own Hip Hop Beats

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When trying to write music I know how overwhelming it can get. Not to mention confusion. Questions like where to start and how to start are very common when wanting to write some music. In a way making beats can be even more confusing and overwhelming but in this simple guide I will try to make some order and give you some starting points to work with.

Before we even think firing up our brand new mixing device or software, you must realize that you first need to pick a style for your beat. What's your favorite music that you are trying to make your beat for? Is it RNB? Rap? Pop? Knowing your music will make it easy for creating your beat.

Here I recommend trying to find your favorite hip hop singer listening to a song several times. In the beginning just listen to the music, hear how the song plays and how each part completes itself, without listening too intensely. The second time around, try to pay attention how the beat fits, how it completes the song and kicks at the right time and rhythm.

With rap for example, most beat mixers recommend for beginners to start with the Hi-Hats. The hi-hats' job is to set the speed of the beat you are making. This is the backbone of the beat skeleton.

Next you want to form your baseline using the kick and snare drum. Now keep in mind that the most important part of your hip hop beat are the drums. So choose this instrument (virtual or real) carefully.

The last step is to add a complementing instrument. Just to list a few: piano, guitar, flute etc. I think you get the picture. As you make more and more beats I promise the process becomes easier.

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