NEW YORK, Nov. 6 — Absolute Media®, a leading Social media agency in personal branding and marketing programs, is announcing a partnership with Global Streamz®, a established talent agency specializing with musicians. Absolute Media’s CEO Mitchel Turner believes the expansion is perfectly aligned with the company’s mission to drive dramatic growth in their client base. “The combination of our web based services is incredibly powerful, we hope engaging our two networks can bring new innovation and more success to our company and our clients,” he stated. “This is not about modest incremental growth. Leveraging our two companies is a game changer and will create an immediate competitive advantage for our organization,” he continued.

To kickstart its new services, both companies have also partnered with the renowned website design agency, Turn Tech Solutions. Turn Tech has worked with thousands of social media agencies and marketing executives and reps from around the world. A statement released from Turn Tech “I could not be more excited about our partnership with the great companies. Our program, in combination with some of the leaders in the personal branding industry, could not be of better value to sales. We share a common focus: to teach develop our clients brands and support dramatic bottom-line results!”

The Absolute Media® and Global Streamz® partnership will be taking place on November 15th. The companies will both keep their original brand names for constancy. A free promotion of their partnered services is currently available on the Absolute Media’s Twitter page.

About Absolute Media
Absolute Media® is a leader in the personal branding and marketing industry, providing innovative, high-impact solutions for performance improvement with marketing and personal reputation training. For more than 6 years, Absolute Media® has delivered unique, comprehensive and renowned development programs to fulfill its mission of creating value, supporting highly profitable results and acting as a strategic asset to clients worldwide. Absolute Media is a privately-owned company headquartered in New York. For more information on Absolute Media® merger, or upcoming events, contact us at

About Global Streamz
Global Streamz® is a full-service provider of talent development training specializing with musicians and personal brands. Global Streamz® assists with digital marketing strategy development, and teaches end-users how to brand, engage, connect, and feed their prospective fans through social training. For more information on any Global Streamz® talent and marketing programs, contact us at

Jordan Macklemore
Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations
Absolute Media, Co.