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Rap Music – Websites That Help Rappers With Finding and Building Fans

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A while ago rappers needed to pound the pavement with photos and demos in hand meeting with various record companies. If they were successful, the artist would sign a record contract and get the promotional assistance of the record label to find and build an audience. Independent artists have always done things differently. Especially rap artists who have chosen to create their music away from traditional means. Today, thanks to the internet, indie artists have a straight connection to their audiences. Artists still have to produce their music, but computers have leveled the playing field there as well.

Today's digital music programs lets indie rappers produce their own music for less money, no need for the help of large record companies. The biggest difference is the rise of websites committed to promoting independent music. A basic account can grant artists the right to promote CDs and MP3s under one website. An artist with an account with CD Baby or ITunes has the potential to get hundreds or thousands more sales. Independent artists are able to market music and merchandise and receive about 80% or more of all sales. To succeed, musicians are no longer dependent entirely on word spreading. Now, artists can quickly reach listeners who wish to buy indie rapper's music.

A lot of rappers have Facebook and MySpace pages. Facebook has grown to become the largest social networking site. Also, those who have produced rap music videos may also upload them to Vimeo and YouTube. Vimeo may not be as large as YouTube, but indie artists should take advantage of every outlet for their music. Many independent rappers also use Twitter as one part of their promotional plan. Typically, the web site helps with the marketing that brings fans who wish to purchase the indie rapper's song records. True indie music lovers are the fuel that sustains these kinds of websites. Fans now can play rap music and rap videos by their favorite independent rappers, as well as discover new musicians.

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