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Rappers Can Make Sad Songs Too


It may sound odd, but rappers can make sad songs too. Kanye West, the savior of hip hop, is a modern day musical genius. He is a creative, clever and a unique singer. He began his career as a producer, before entering into the rap music industry. Kanye West had a fatal car accident on October 23, 2002. Just after six months of the accident, he released his first single, "Through The Wire". As the name suggests, he recorded this song with his mouth wired shut, thus rapping through his teeth. It was a sad song and was a blockbuster all over UK and America.

West is considered as one of the best entertainers in the world because of his clever and meaningful lyrics attached to each song. Fueled with self confidence and determination, Kanye has become a global superstar. Kanye West will always be remembered for his spanish tingling tunes that he has created. Kanye West has gone through many traumatic experiences in his life, but he always bounced back with a ray of positivity. After the controversial statement made on television about US president, George Bush in 2005, Kanye rose again to prove his potential with the release of his album "Graduation".

He certainly describes the recognition and the rewards he has achieved until today. Having already completed one world tour, he is believed to make much progress in his field to gain a legendary status. Kanye West has an emotional side too, and has shown to the world that rappers can make sad songs too by his album '' Through the Wire '.

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