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Shaun T Insanity Workout – New and Intense Beachbody Workout DVD


Shaun T is one of the leading fitness experts and personal trainers in the nation. He is known for fusing dance and exercise into one energetic power packed system that allows you to get ripped, learn some dance moves and have fun all at once. Well now Shaun T is at it again with a brand new exercise program called Insanity with Shaun T. Shaun T insanity is set to be released this summer, 2009.

But what is Insanity all about?

Insanity is a workout program developed and created by Shaun T that claims it will get you from flab to fit in 60 days. Never has there been a workout that says it can get these types of results in so short of time. There has also never been a workout set to DVD that has been this difficult. Shaun T has been developing Insanity to be the best and most effective home workout DVD ever released. This workout is extremely intense and is not going to be for everyone. Shaun T even says himself that this workout is not for the lazy or the people that find excuses, but it is for the person that is mentally ready to except the challenge.

What makes it so effect?

Shaun T uses a technique he created and calls ‘Max Interval Training’. Instead of working out at a steady pace for longer periods of time and then maxing out for short periods of time, Shaun keeps you working out at your max for long periods and only gives short periods of rest. It is like this, when you run you typically jog for a few miles and then maybe the last quarter mile you decide to sprint and max out the end of your workout. What Shaun T’s system does is teaches you how it is possible to sprint the first few miles exerting the maximum output and then has you warm down the last quarter mile to seal in the results. The Max Interval Training is opposite of the typical workout routine, but that is why it can be so successful in such a short amount of time.

What Time Commitment Will This Be?

Amazingly Shaun T’s Insanity Workout is only a 60 day workout from start to finish. In just 2 short months he takes you through his DVD workouts for 1 hour a day. The time commitment is going to be pretty minimal compared to other workout DVDs. Many work outs have a time frame even longer then this and do not boast of the results Shaun T says Insanity will bring.

If you are into home workout DVD’s then this may be one you will want to keep an eye on. It sounds pretty intense. I will write some more articles once there is more information on this program. Again it is set to release sometime in the summer of 2009. Shaun T is also known for his Hip Hop Abs workout which was released a few years ago and had tremendous success.

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