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Absolute Media Co is a social influencer with over 60k followers. If you want to grow your brand, you should start here. On Nov. 15th, Global Streamz and Absolute Media Co will merge and offer a 3 month promotion. In order to get the exposure, you need to feature an article on our website. To see the rules and submit you post visit Global Streams Affiliate

Growing Your Brand

Featuring yourself in articles is a great way for professional to find your brand. Global Streamz will promote the post and author on twitter and other social media outlets.

Depending on the quality of the article you submit, your post could receive 60k-5,000,000 impressions.

How To Write A Good Article?
  • Tell the story behind your brand
  • Be honest and humble
  • Don’t be afraid to get controversial
I Want To Go Viral

We have a S.T.E.P.P.S formula for going viral that was produced my a marketing professor, Jonah Berger.


Following The S.T.E.P.P.S

Social Proof: Make sure your post are already getting retweets and favorites. The more followers you have the better. People don’t want to be the only ones retweeting.


Triggers: Associate your brand with something common. Like Apple© associated themselves with the forbidden fruit. Or how Folders Coffee associates itself with waking up in the morning. Or how Philadelphia associated themselves with cheesesteak. Make your brand come to mind when people do something common

Emotion: Make your post emotional, the two best emotions that cause vitality is anger or laughter.

Public: Make sure your post is built to share, don’t title your article something that people wouldn’t want showing up on their timeline.

Practical Value: Offer some advice in the article, give a moral of the story or what you’ve learned so far. Make sure there is some value you can get from the article.

Stories: Tell your article in a story. Ideas fade but stories last forever.

Mitchel Turner



I’m a journalist from Oxford specializing in hip-hop and culture.