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Three Walleye Crankbaits to Keep on Hand in the Tackle Box


The best three crankbaits to have in your tackle box will vary, depending on the time of year and the lake you are fishing. If you ask any professional angler to choose only three of their best though, most would aghast at the thought of going after Walleye with just these. This choice should include at least one clear water bait color, such as silver, blue, or black, and one dark or dingy water bait color, in orange, green, or another bright color. Making a choice between all the quality cranks out there is difficult, because there are large numbers of very effective ones out there. There are a few that stand heads above the rest when it comes to catching Walleye though, and these should be your choices if you could only have three in your tackle box.

The first top choice would be the quarter ounce Storm Original Hot N Tot. This is a consistently top producing lure, and is extremely user friendly. The red hot tiger color is ideal for darker waters and fishing the mudline, because the bright colors are sure to grab the attention of the Walleye. This lure is aggressive, more so than most other lures used. The Hot N Tot has a metal lip, and this lure stands on the nose and wobbles very aggressively. When the Hot N Tot in red hot tiger is used, the Walleye usually go crazy. The bright color creates a flash, and the wobble action catches the attention of the fish. This lure is better for warmer temperatures, and does not seem to work as well when it is cold out.

The second crankbait that should be included in your tackle box is the Salmo Hornet. The Salmo Hornet is relatively new, but this does not stop it from being an excellent lure for Walleye. This lure is revolutionary, and is crafted from a high density foam. This bait has one of the highest quality standards, and each Salmo Hornet is made identical to the next. These lures have a handmade quality and an effect that really makes them stand out as excellent lure. This lure can be used for trolling or for casting, and the action of this crank really gets the Walleye moving.

The third ideal lure of this type to have in your tackle box is the Reef Runner 03 Dry Ice, one of the lures in the 800 series Deep Reef Runner. A weight of five eighth of an ounce ensures the lure has enough weight to get down deep. The blue and silver color makes it a favorite of Walleyes on clear days, and this lure has even seen success in darker water. This is a deep dive lure that can greatly increase the number of fish you catch, and it is effective at up to twenty eight feet, making it a vital lure for Walleye fishing. The banana shaped body and the narrow lip which is long gives this lure a mixture action that works great at appealing Walleye and tempting them to bite.

Source by Andrew Martinsen

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