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Tips to Win Rap Freestyle Battles – Secrets to Win Freestyle Rap Battles

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If you want to discover how to win rap freestyle battles, then check this out. You will discover secrets to win freestyle rap battles.

If you want to improve your freestyle fighting skills, a great way to do this is to write your own freestyle battle lyrics. In today's discussion, we will look at the need for having this ability and also give you a couple of activities to advance this method.

Reason To Develop This Ability

The reason that you want to have this ability to write your own freestyle battle lyrics is because this can improve your own verbiage and also dramatically increase your battle skills.

If you make your own rap freestyle battle lyrics a part of your freestyle rap battles, you will find that you will add a lot of new rhyming battles to your phraseology. You will also find that your freestyle battles will flow smoother as well as your ability to express yourself will be better. Since these are your own battles, you will be more comfortable as you face your foes while battling.

Tip # 1

To give you some practice, a great action that you can incorporated into your daily routine for 21-31 days is to write at least one battle per day. Now it would be great if you could write 5 or 10 or even more battle lyrics per day, but if you consistently write at least 1 per day for 21-31 days, you will be developing a tension.

It has been proven that if you work on improving a tendency for 21-31 days that at the end of that time it will become something that you will naturally perform. You will not have to force yourself to perform this habit, but it will naturally become a part of something that you normally will do.

Tip # 2

You want to get yourself what I call a freestyle method journal. We have talked about the journal before, but we are going to add a section in this journal that will be strictly devoted to your battles. As you work on your various writing campaigns, you want to make sure that your versa flow following specific battle flow formulas.

As you go forward, do your best to apply everything we have discussed by creating your own freestyle battle lyrics. Make sure that you concentrate on your various flow and rhyming portion of your lyrics. Rehearse these for 21-31 days. Try new words and word combinations and let your creative juices flow.

For more rap freestyle battle tips, continue to read below.

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