Tomorrow (prod. ◐xPanda◑)


beat: https://soundcloud.com/xpandaprod
just dot the I’s and cross the T’s
ya’ll speaking like thieves
I recollect in hypertension
watching castrated beliefs
invasive needs to be seen
clench my first until it bleeds
remember me through the rhythm
never fading memory is more credible
plus it’s only a tiny ego boost
once I rip the legs off your pedestal
almost as if my thoughts come out illegible
and indigestible, to these technical
zombies, I’m probably
still day dreaming of godly
technicolor vision
lost in premonitions
of the new inquisition
ya’ll stay pessimistic
this feeling is intrinsic
reminiscing on days I’ve yet to have
when each tomorrow the best I ever had (x2)
see it’s hard to get mad
when you feeling so blessed
and real Hip Hop is like a family crest
from californIA to Budapest
readdress and watch fate manifest
in the flesh never torn from spirit
best believe I recognize
the soul when I hear it
not talking about the stuff in your shoes
I’m talking the passion
that founded jazz and the blues
infused with whoever choose
the path less chosen
got a taste for the real shit and now overdosing
habit turned into compulsion
swinging with the sultans (x2)
I swing life away
waiting for tomorrow still loving today

Source by DisMissedFit


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