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What You Needed to Know in Urban Clothing


When you look outside, and walk down the streets. You will see a lot of people sporting colorful, stylish, and unique set of clothes that provides them their own styles in the streets of the urban community. Because of the hip hop culture having dominated all of the urban community, flashier, colorful and more unique sets of clothes have been emerging. The hip hop era has brought many unique clothes, some of which are:

– Hoodies
– Jeans
– Footwear
– T-shirts
– Jackets

Do not be fooled. Even though you sport some of those clothes, it is still important that you lay the right kind of clothes for the right occasion and not just simply wearing it. The hip hop fashion trade is soaring, and the fashion market catering for the masses worldwide of young people looking for something to identify with, and that offers them street credibility.
Now here is a breakdown of the clothes that people of the urban community normally wears.


Among the many elements of urban clothing, Hoodies are the most popular. Hoodies are the loose fitting top that can be worn over a T-shirt and replace the outer garments which is normally worn with something comfortable and is also the trademark of the hip hop style. Each comes with a hood that is sometimes worn over the head, which is where the name Hoody came from, the hood.

Hoodies are combined with jazzy colors and styles making this element as one of the largest markets today, especially among the younger generations.

Hoodies also come in the traditional camouflage colors. Themes such as those of Batman or Superman are also available for the children, so that any child can individualize their look within the hip hop range of items available, rather than all looking the same.

Hoodies were primarily made for the use of men, but was now evolved for the use of both the men and the women. Some of the most popular sets of hoodies for women can be found within the collections of the House of Dereon and the Apple Bottoms.


Jeans are also important for the styles and the fashion of the urban community. Jeans for the hip hop style are often known as those jeans that come just below the knee and are baggy in style. They have been evolved to include jeans that are loose fitting and that appear almost too long.

Although the baggy jeans are popular for the men, there are also some baggy pants that are made especially for the women. Baggy pants for the women were first popularized by an American rap artist named Missy Elliot. But today, sexier form of jeans for the women is getting more popular such as those jeans from the Apple Bottoms clothing collections and the House of Dereon. Popular jeans for men are Rocawear and the Sean John Clothing.

Jeans of the hip hop fashion provides a sense of freedom of expression for the hip hop style of life, and when you look at the clothing available this year in hip hop jeans, you can not help but be drawn into the concept of freedom of movement and style combined with comfort and flexibility.


When it comes to footwear, sneakers and basketball shoes are among the most popular in hip hop fashion. Normally, any kind of sneakers can go perfectly to any kind of style. But bright white colored sneakers can give you the most authentic style. Sneakers are commonly paired with baggy pants. For the men, its Evisu, Sean John, and Rocawear which can provide the appropriate pants. And for the women, it's the Apple Bottoms clothing collections and the House of Dereon.

Seriously business orientated, the designers have gone to town on developing ranges of sneakers to suit all tastes, heights and preferences that all fall under this style of dress.


T-shirts has come a very long way. Even before the dawn of hip hop fashion. But still, t-shirts are the most common and the most favorable element in hip hop and urban fashion. Although the new style of T-shirts in mainline fashion is more fitted this year, there really is not that much change on the hip hop scene for men, such as those found in the Sean John Clothing collections and those of Rocawear.

Many of the T-shirt styles are reminiscent of the sixties era of independence and freedom, with smocked shapes, capped sleeves, and even tube styles that fit flatteringly to the young female form.


Leather jackets for hip hop fashion are different from jackets usually worn on colder climates. Many leather jackets in hip hop fashion have printed surfaces which show pictures of the stars to what their wearer supports.
The styles available are zip fronted and soft leather that is easy to wear, taking on the same theme as other hip hop clothing as being suitable to fun people looking to party the night away in comfort and style.

Now that you know what the people of the urban community wears, let's talk about your interest on how to upgrade your wardrobe to make way for hip hop fashion fill your wardrobe.

First tip in choosing the right kind of hip hop or urban is Choosing Your Color. You should focus on modern urban classic colors. In most major urban areas, you will see the basic urban colors: black, blue and khaki. These colors are modern day urban behavior clothing because they can be mixed and matched with anything. If you have no idea on what color to choose on, then you could use the internet and research on what color you'd like.

The second tip in choosing the right kind of hip hop or urban is Choose Your Brand. Choosing the right brand is also important in hip hop fashion. Brands such as the Sean John Clothing, Apple Bottoms, House of Dereon, and Rocawear are some of the most popular brands of hip hop and urban clothes. This is because, urban fashion designers have a sharp awareness of time, so they need a wardrobe that is low maintenance and takes little time to coordinate. That is why these fabrics are popular to urban fashion designer.

The last tip in choosing the right kind of hip hop or urban is to Choose Your Attitude. Take up an urban attitude or urban behavior of your own. Urban fashion designers have an ease and sophistication that comes from living in the city. So, when shopping for urban clothing, go for clothes that express this manner.

The hip hop and urban style and fashion will stay with us for years to come, and in many ways is not a bad way for young people to dress since it allows for growth and does not restrict movement, encouraging healthy styles of shoes that don 't hurt the feet, and great leisure wear that allows movement and comfort at the same time.

Source by Christine B. Layug

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