Young Jeezy – Run The Check Up


Young Jeezy – Run The Check Up

Source by Brand New Hip Hop


  1. TWO right hand on it the God’s u call it gody on my Queenie right hand double o to babysit up already plant’s whovaaaa mercury reach up wire stolen ocean throne swan I got this cover n I legit left the throne taken my belonging passed the purple levels to this shit no doubt read history everyone should be under command so so mean balance in agendas mean n if u don’t know u got to knows so so scale means too nothing to late ocean throne I control the throne power n it’s all about swan throne boy’s I seen it all n I pick what y’all fighting about ….. Phil U.K. Mos China Aus afro all good in a pro on one micro got it so so every thing takes TIME 90 Day’s …. to long we can do 30s aromatic auto zone those key’s U.N. office’s nation Wilde it’s word

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